Classifying Movie Reviews With AI

Classifying Movie Reviews using AI

Hi there, On this site I will be going over my AI project on classifying movie reviews. Essentially I used supervised machine learning to classify different reviews from the IMDB dataset into postive or negitive reviews.

Supervised learning as the name indicates, means learning when supervised. Basically, in supervised learning , we teach the machine to use labelled data. For example, in this code the labelled data was from the IMDB movie dataset, which already had thousands of movie reviews classified as positive or negitive. Based on the training data, the algorithm can predict if other reviews(test data) is a positive review or not

To find out more about supervised machine learning click here and for the code here.

How supervised learning works

How it works?

The program works with 4 key aspects/steps:
1. Gathering data
2. Cleaning the Data
3. Making the Neural Network
4. Calculating the Loss function and improving the network

It's that simple!

To see a detailed explaination of how I made my code with a step my step guide click here.

To watch my video on how I made this algorithm click here.